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Amorgos, the most eastern island of the Cyclades, seems to protect the eastern Small Cyclades due to its oblong shape. It stands proudly at the centre of the Southern Aegean Sea acting as the crossroad where the North meets the South. It’s the “exit” from the islands of the eastern Aegean towards the coast of Asia Minor.

Amorgos, an island of rich cultural heritage and particular wild beauty, the island of the deep blue, can’t but create a daunting feeling to its visitor.
When the ferry approaches the island, you can feel the atmosphere changing. Its mountain range and deep sea parting create steep coasts on the east, while at the same time on the west there is a sense of harmony, as the mountains smoothly end up into small peninsulas with sandy bays in between.

Amorgos is an island of contrasts. The sudden changes in scenery completely consume the visitor creating many pleasant but also very strong emotions. 
In Amorgos you will get a taste of the Greek hospitality. Its inhabitants have been tested for many years, as it has deliberately been declared as “the island of the infrequent line”.  They have been deprived of communication and now (that the island is growing rapidly) the Amorgians generously give out unforgettable 
moments to whoever chooses to visit their island.
The Amorgians are good people, proud and, despite the increase in tourism over the last few years they have remained pure and true to the manners and customs of their land.

The island with an intense Cycladic shade and an intact traditional character over the 
passage of time will blow your mind away.
It’s the island where the old meets the new and together they go hand in hand 
harmoniously without the one affecting the other.
It’s the island where the human factor intervenes, only so much so as to not violate the natural beauty of the island. Amorgos is the island of harmony, tranquility, relaxation and fun.
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